Sounds to Sleep to - FAQ

Can't sleep? These help you fall asleep with Music

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Why don't I hear anything for a while?

First, check that you have JavaScript enabled. Depending on how fast or slow your internet connection is, tracks may take some time to being playing. If you experience stuttery playback, allowing a couple minutes of playtime the first time round should allow your computer to cache the sounds and you'll be able to enjoy continuous playback.

What is Sounds to Sleep to?

Sounds to Sleep to is a free website that lets you create your own custom mix of white noise sounds to fall asleep to. White noise can assist in helping you block out outside noises and disturbances to get a better night's sleep or help to reduce stress & relax.

What systems are supported for Sounds to Sleep to?

Sounds to Sleep to should run on most modern browsers, including:

  • Firefox 3.5 (PC / Mac)
  • Safari 5 (Mac)
  • Internet Explorer 6 / 7 / 8 (PC)
  • Google Chrome 6 (PC / Mac)

You may need to click a sound twice to play it in Internet Explorer 6. If you experience any difficulties using the site, please feel free to contact us at feedback [at]

Do I need Flash installed?

Sounds to sleep to uses HTML5 technology where possible. If you are using a newer browser, it's likely you won't need Flash installed. If you are using an older browser that doesn't support HTML5, Sounds to Sleep to will need Flash 8 or higher to run. You will be prompted to do so if it isn't automatically detected.

Do I need JavaScript enabled?

Yes, Sounds to Sleep to requires JavaScript to run.

How do I use Sounds to Sleep to?

See how to use.

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Contact us at feedback [at]